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Sports Betting with Online and Mobile Adaptability

Sports betting adds an exhilarating dimension to watching football. Now, with predictive tools, betting tips apps and endless information about any given football fixture available online, you have a better than average chance of banking winning bets.

In the old days betting on sports was more a shot in the dark than a data-backed science. Bettors would punt a few Cedis here and there – not on the team that statistically had the best chance of winning – but the team they had followed all their life.

If you fancied a punt on Liverpool, Asante Kotoko or Bayern Munich to win, you would have to physically travel to the nearest bookmaker to place your bet. When you lived in a rural area, sports betting on football, basketball, boxing or horse racing obviously wasn’t something you could do on a regular basis.

High-Tech Sports Betting on Tap

Fortunately, we live in a high-tech era defined by online and mobile connectivity. Placing a bet on any betting market, covering any football fixture, anywhere in the world, simply takes a few taps on the keyboard or mobile phone.

Sports betting with online and mobile adaptability has revolutionised the way we bet on football. Having a flutter on the English Premier League, La Liga, the Champions League or the Ghana Premier League is now easily accessible to anyone and everyone who has a device and internet connectivity.

Smart Data-Driven Football Betting Tips

Betting on football is no longer guesswork. There is literally reams of information instantly available on your PC or digital device.

At sites like Oddsfalla, we analyse big data to give you reliable head to head statistics, match predictions, the latest results and scores, and the current form of the respective clubs in all the major domestic leagues.

That means you can make smart betting decisions based on your head and not your heart – and that of course usually translates into more winning wagers and more money in the bank!

That is one facet of the service that new generation sports betting portals like Oddsfalaa provide. The other is that we simplify and streamline the betting process so that anybody can find the best value in the featured betting markets and posted odds.

We have removed the mystique and complexity surrounding football betting by showing you how to calculate probability based on the bookmakers’ odds. We have also shown you how to read the odds and determine the potential winnings.

With Oddsfalaa as your preferred football betting guide, knowledge is power – and we give you the upper hand!

Sports Betting in Ghana

How does sports betting in Ghana shape up in the 21st Century? Well, for one, it is legal for Ghanaians to bet on sports – in Ghana and across the world.

It is one of several forms of gambling regulated by the Ghana Gaming Commission (GGC). By all accounts, betting on sports – particularly football – is now more popular in Ghana than ever before.

For the Love of Football

What has spurred this national phenomenon? Ghanaians love their football. In fact, they are fanatical about watching the action in Europe’s topflight, with an emphasis on the English Premier League.

According to a recent study by a sports apparel company in the UK, Manchester United is the team of choice of the vast majority of Ghanaians. The lusty Red Devils are followed by La Liga’s Real Madrid!

On the international stage, the Black Stars are highly rated on the African continent and way beyond. They have won the Africa Cup of Nations four times and are one of only three African sides to reach the quarter-finals at the FIFA World Cup.

On the national level, the Ghana Premier League (GPL) is the top tier of domestic football. It is also currently more competitive and exciting than in past seasons. The overall quality of league football is on an upward trajectory.

Now, with football betting platforms like Oddsfalaa offering odds on GPL fixtures, the domestic league is enjoying a sustained revival in terms of spectators and sponsors. That, in turn, has driven an increase in local league betting revenue.

A Connected Population

Along with the rising popularity of the Ghana Premier League – and football in general – Ghanaians have become more connected. According to the most recent estimates, more than one-third of the population use the internet… that is 10 million-plus regular internet users.

Mobile internet penetration is even higher. Around 20 million Ghanaians are unique mobile subscribers – and 45 percent of the total population connect to the internet using their smartphones and digital devices.

Plans are afoot to reach a mobile phone coverage rate of 95 percent, with public-private funded Community Information Centres providing internet access to people living in villages in remote areas.

What that of course means is for most people living in Ghana, sports betting is now literally available at the fingertips!

Multiple Sports Betting Operators in Ghana

Soaring connectivity coupled with fanatical support for football has prompted more and more online and mobile betting operators to offer their services in Ghana.

Major brands like Betway, SportyBet, MyBet, 1xBet and Betfair have expanded their online and mobile betting services into Ghana and, in some cases, across the region.

Get the Best Football Betting Tips On-Demand

With so many options now available on a local level, how can you find the best football betting tips, odds, stats and news? By using Oddsfalaa as your chosen betting guide!

We take pride in being the most comprehensive source of information on world football. We have also formed strategic partnerships with the most reliable sports bookmakers in the country to offer you a consummate array of betting odds on national and international football fixtures.

Last but not least, we have assembled a team of statisticians, mathematicians, tipsters and former football players. Their mandate is to come up with the best football betting tips – not only in terms of value but in terms of success rate too.

A Treasure Trove of Match-Specific Stats and Information

Alongside the football betting tips is a treasure trove of match-specific information that is consistently updated to keep you within striking distance of high-value odds on a wide range of betting markets.

Data like head to head statistics, goal difference, recent match results and current standings on the respective league tables is standard across all the football fixtures.

We feature up-to-the-minute news on the latest transfers, injuries and melt-downs. Once you have narrowed down your football betting options to one or two bets, you can compare odds by the leading bookmakers with just one click!

A Responsive New Generation Guide to Sports Betting in Ghana

As a responsive new generation solution for sports betting, Oddsfalaa offers the full array of services across the online and mobile channels. You can find all the information you need to make an informed bet right here. Or you can get the hottest football betting tips by downloading our custom-developed betting tips app.

Oddsfalaa really is the best guide to sports betting in Ghana. Whether you fancy a flutter on the English Premier League, La Liga or Serie A on your PC or mobile phone, we have got you covered!