English Premier League Betting guide

The English Premier League is the ‘big daddy’ of professional football in Europe. It consists of 20 of the most recognised clubs in the world and offers an endless array of outright betting, match betting and live betting opportunities.

As the second-most popular sporting league on the planet, the EPL attracts 5 billion TV viewers and generates around £2,1 billion in TV rights… season-on-season. Total bets on each of the 380 league matches amount to millions of pounds and all the major bookmakers world-wide offer bets on at least one EPL betting market.

The English Premier League is renowned for consistently providing an exciting, premium quality brand of football. It is also known for offering value to punters who know the players, the managers, the clubs and the betting markets!

Home to the Best EPL Betting Tips, Predictions and Odds

At Oddsfalaa our mission is to help you make the best possible choices when it comes to betting on the English Premier League. As such, we have rounded up the experts and crunched the numbers to come up with the best EPL betting tips, predictions and odds.

We consistently refer to up-to-the-minute information to gauge the individual form of key players. We assess whether there are any injuries that can affect the outcome of the league title or a particular match. We also keep a sharp eye on the transfer windows to see which players are in and which players are out.

Besides our reliable EPL betting tips and predictions – which cover every aspect of the league, from match winners and top goalscorers to which clubs will be relegated – you will find the latest English Premier League odds, from only the most reputable bookmakers, listed on this page.

Our aim is to make English Premier League betting easy, enjoyable and financially rewarding. Our EPL betting tips, predictions and odds are designed to accomplish exactly that.

Find Dozens of Betting Markets for EPL Fixtures

The leading sports bookmakers literally offer hundreds of betting markets on all the EPL fixtures – whether it is

West Ham versus Liverpool, Leicester against Chelsea or Crystal Place versus Sheffield United.

As markets vary from correct score, match result and goals per match – and first, last and anytime goalscorer, to handicap and double chance bets, there really is a betting opportunity available on every single aspect of the season’s EPL fixtures.

Are scorer or match specials your EPL betting preference? Or are you more into wagering on the number of goals, corners or cards in a match? Regardless of your football betting appetite on England’s topflight, you’ll find the info to make the best wagers sat Oddsfalaa!

Use the Latest EPL Results and Scores as Your Betting Benchmark The current form of a club is a crucial indicator of how it can be expected to perform in the future. What is the easiest way of gauging current form? By analysing the latest EPL results and scores of course.

That’s why we keep track of all the match results – to give you a head start when it comes to predicting a winner.

If for example, you know Crystal Palace has pulled off a draw against Southampton, Norwich City, Arsenal and Manchester City, then there is a better than average chance the trend will continue.

That, of course, means a draw can be a good bet… provided the opponents don’t happen to be Liverpool!

Keep Track of What’s Happening on the EPL Table

The EPL table is yet another invaluable resource for football punters. It not only lists the clubs according to the number of points scored. It highlights exactly how many EPL fixtures each club has played and how many they have won, drawn and lost.

You can tell at a glance how each club has performed in the last five outings, as well as the number of goals scored for and against. The EPL table is a visual representation of the current standing of the league. It is the quickest way of getting a handle of how things are progressing in the season.

If you want to keep track of what’s happening in the English Premier League right now, check out the EPL table right here. It is updated week-to-week!

What Makes the English Premier League Great?

The English Premier League is widely regarded as the toughest football league in Europe. It is also considered one of the best. Here’s what makes the EPL great:

  • It attracts the world’s best football managers in the form of Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger, Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola.
  • It has the paying power to lure the top players like Mohammed Salah, Sergio Aguero, Sadio Mane and Virgil Van Dijk
  • It is one of the most watched sporting events on earth
  • It is traditionally a goalscoring fest