#1 Live Sports Betting Guide for Football Punters

Live sports betting introduces excitement, flexibility and immersive interactivity to the traditional football betting process. It is a high-tech betting service the involves changing the odds in real-time in response to what is happening on the field of play.

What that means is punters have even more betting opportunities available on the best international and domestic leagues in world football.

Bettors like you and I can watch a match unfold anywhere in the world and place bets on an infinite array of outcomes – be it the next team to score a goal or earn a penalty or the next player to be substituted in the match. When you bet in-play you can literally bet on anything and everything!

Find Live Sports Betting Odds on Domestic and Cup Competitions

The best online sportsbooks featured right here offer in-play betting on live football fixtures in Europe, South America, the Middle East and Africa.

Whether you follow the English Premier League, The Turkish Super Lig, the Bundesliga or the Ghana Premier League you have the freedom to bet on one or more aspects of a match after the kick-off… and throughout the full 90 minutes!

Similarly, you will find in-play betting odds covering major cup competitions like the FA Cup, Copa del Rey, Portuguese Cup and the Coppa Italia.

Get the Best In-Play Football Odds at Oddsfalaa

As the home of football betting right across the world, Oddsfalaa offers live sports betting odds on all the domestic league and cup competitions.

We also showcase in-play betting odds on international friendlies, Champions League and Europa League qualifiers and play-offs, and the major league group stages and a round of 16 football fixtures.

Why Bet on Live Football?

What makes in-play betting on live football so incredibly popular is you can assess the form of each team. You can also gauge the performance of individual players before betting on specific outcomes. You can even change your bets mid-way and according to the adjustments made to the odds in real-time!

Take for example a situation where you are betting on an English Premier League fixture between Aston Villa and Wolverhampton Wanderers – Wolves are the odds-on favourite to win before the match starts. In the first few minutes, however, Villa scores. In the case of in-play betting, the odds are modified to reflect Villa’s lead, and you can still bet on the match result at that point.

Wolves may well be the favourite to win, but the probability of that happening is now obviously lower. As a result, the odds are raised. That, of course, means you can get better value when you bet in-play rather prior to kick-off.

Goals are not the only variables that change the odds. Every single action during the match affects the potential outcome and the in-play odds are constantly adjusted to keep pace with what’s happening in real-time.

What Are the Benefits of In-Play Betting in Live Football?

For one, you can assess what is happening in the match before placing the bet. You can also get progressively better odds as the match evolves.

With live sports betting you have the flexibility to change your betting strategy and tactics during the match and you can place an opposing bet to offset your losses.

What Live Sports Betting Markets are Available on Football?

The in-play betting markets on topflight football are as plentiful and diverse as the bookmakers we feature on our site. You will find in-play odds on a wide range of popular match betting markets that vary from both teams to score, over and under goals and the team to score the first or second goal to double chance, draw no bet and match result markets.

These are essentially traditional football betting markets – but with the added boon of constantly changing odds that represent what is happening in the game.

Live sports betting is the ultimate football betting experience. It doesn’t require hours of tedious analysis of form, head to head records and stats, current league standings or the latest results and scores. What it does require is live streaming of the fixture you intend to bet on and your undivided attention on the odds as they adjust to match the on-field action.

Is In-Play Betting on Live Football More Lucrative Than Traditional Betting?

The short answer is ‘it can be’ but betting on football carries both risks and rewards. Ideally, you want to focus on just one or two in-play betting markets – the ones that offer the best value.

As the action is live and in-your-face it really is easy to get carried away. Rather be cautious and only bet on the outcomes that have the best probability of happening… and the odds are you will win more football bets than you lose!