Ligue 1 Betting Odds, Statistics and Predictions

The French Ligue 1 may not be as popular or exciting as the ‘Big Four’ leagues in Europe but it provides ample betting opportunities. Football punters who follow the league, the players and the 380 Ligue 1 fixtures can find value in a wide range of betting markets.

Value isn’t necessarily in outright bets. Since time immemorial the top tier of French football has been dominated by one club. In the eighties it was Marseille that clinched five consecutive titles, followed by Lyon with seven back-to-back wins in the early noughties.

Now it is the Paris Saint Germain era, an era that has already spanned six seasons. By the looks of the Ligue 1 table, it appears as though PSG is on track to add yet another Coupe de la Ligue to its trophy cabinet.

If PSG is the dominant force in French football how do you make money betting on the league? By following our Ligue 1 betting tips and predictions and selecting the markets that offer the most favourable odds.

Are you brave enough to bet against PSG as the winner of the league? If you are, bookies are currently offering odds of 40/1 for a Marseille surprise, 125/1 for a Lille and Lyon upset, 150/1 for a Monaco masterstroke and 500/1 on the likes of Bordeaux, Montpellier and Nantes claiming the crown!

Convert Ligue 1 Betting Tips, Predictions and Odds into Winning Wagers

If you want to be successful at football betting you have to take a more pragmatic approach. That means analysing results, crunching the numbers and examining the current form of top players like Kylian Mbappe, Nicolas Pepe, Tesi Savanier and Neymar.

All that obviously takes time and effort and that’s why our Ligue 1 betting tips, predictions and odds are worth their weight in gold. At Oddsfalaa you can follow the fortunes of the clubs, the players and the managers in real-time simply by reading our posts.

With knowledge, numbers ad insider information as your friend, it is so much easier to bet on upcoming Ligue 1 fixtures… and win. We even list all the odds on all the Ligue 1 betting markets offered by the best bookmakers around.

Ligue 1 Table: What it Tells Us

If you want an idea of the current points rankings assigned to each club in the French league, the table provides that information… and so much more.

It allows for a quick assessment of current form over the past five encounters and lists the goal difference and number of goals scored for and against each team. If you want to know the number of matches each club has played and how many they have won, drawn and lost, those statistics are available right here too.

The Ligue 1 table is a representation of what’s happening in the league right now. It can help you determine which clubs to bet on in a selection of match markets that vary from handicap and half markets to goals, scorer and special markets.

At Oddsfalaa we update the league table on a regular basis so that you always have access to the latest stats and rankings.

Assess Performance Based on the Latest Ligue 1 Results and Scores

If the league table is an indication of the action across the entire league, the latest Ligue 1 results and scores provide a more in-depth picture of the form of each team.

By browsing through this information, you can gauge performance and the respective weaknesses and strengths. You’ll also find a brief summary of each match that includes game stats, squad and substitute information and more.

Find Upcoming Ligue 1 Fixtures and the Best Bookmakers’ Odds

Every month there are dozens of Ligue 1 fixtures and the best bookies offer 100 or more different betting markets on each encounter.

At Oddsfalaa we have partnered with reputable sports bookmakers so as to present you with the most diverse selection of betting markets at the best possible odds.

You don’t have to spend hours visiting sportsbooks online to find great odds on the French topflight. All you have to do is browse through the options posted on this page and click-to-bet.